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An “out-of-sequence” post, in the category of ‘coincidence’.

By Chance

You may not have read everything we have posted (shame on you!) but elsewhere we explained the ‘Eurmacs’ designation of this website. Our extended McCauley family abbreviates itself by <Location>Mac. So we in Melbourne are the Melmacs (and individually we are each a ‘melmac’) and we also have the Mandurah group (ManMacs), Pingelly (PinMac) and during our European excursions became Eurmacs.

Some how we tripped across a ‘barge for sale’ advert the other day for the barge ‘MELMAC’

Our namesake barge, looks  good - as it should with such an association!
Our namesake barge, looks good – as it should with such an association!

Quite a nice looking boat, and at first glance, looks like a barge we would be happy to own except that we are utterly smitten with Catharina Elisabeth. The price is reasonable, the features pretty good for a cruising and even long-stay boat. Here’s a pdf of the advert.


So, if any of you have become interested in barging as a result of our blog, or just curious, have a look at our namesake barge which is for sale HERE.

Our regular program will resume presently…


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  1. Very nice barge indeed. Just have to keep reminding myself “I will not buy a barge as Dutch cruisers are more practical” – repeat.

  2. Ha ha. Very tempting. I think Peter would love a barge to tinker on.

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