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  1. Hi, really enjoying your blog – interesting stuff. You have more room than us, so you should have a problem – she is lovely! Not too dissimilar to ours . . . . where are you? where are you heading? where will you do your work? have you figured out how and where to buy paint (most people say, ‘you’re better off going to England to buy it – it is crap here!” oh dear! Questions, questions!

  2. tee hee – ‘you should have a problem!” – I missed out an important work “n’t”!!! oops (and she claims to be a writer!) lol

    1. No worries Jackie, I saw you were very busy replying to comments in your blog! We’re off to Europe in seven weeks today. A bit less then a week in Moissac to get our ICC then we see Neo Vita for the very first time at the end of August. About four weeks to have a shakedown cruise in from North Holland to Groningen and then have to leave. So very rushed this year. Longer next year.

  3. Sounds like an exciting time! Looking forward to hearing more and seeing more pictures!

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