2014 Barging

One always needs a boat


We’ve been very fortunate that our friends have given us many thoughtful gifts for Neo Vita. You will have seen some of them in an earlier posting on packing our bags.

It is not really fair to pick out an item, but we did get a delicious gift today from one of Helm’s friends. Her name is Robyn, and by coincidence, another Robyn gave us the electric flowers also featured on its own post. Hmm…

Anyhow, it was a cartoon that Robyn saw a month or so ago, shared with Lisette, that Robyn has since sourced as an original, and has had it framed. I love its touch of whimsy.

Cartoon from 'Harold's Planet'
Cartoon from ‘Harold’s Planet’

The original comes from “Harold’s Planet” written by the 53rd and 54th inhabitants of the Seychelles, a site of happiness and whimsy. Perhaps you’d like it.

Of course, with us leaving still ten days away, and friends bearing gifts appearing almost daily, there is some concern about the room in our suitcases.

But, if we have to leave clothes behind and arrive in our underwear, in order to carry the kind thoughts of friends, so be it…

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  1. Leave clothes behind!?!…..actually that makes perfectly good sense….just buy all new clothes when you get there!

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