What’s happening to the Eurmac’s blog?

Up front – we are continuing, always with the hope we will post a bit more regularly during this (2023) season.

Looking her best in 2022

However, we have some catching up to do.

  • First, we have to complete the stories from the 2019 season on the Nivernais. We’ve three more articles to send to complete this and that will happen over the next couple of days.
  • Next, we will provide a further short update for the 2022 season, taking us to the end. Sometime in the future, we will fill in that season with details – mainly for our own record and pleasure. When that happens, we might drop those in one batch, so you can skip them if you aren’t interested.
  • Last, we’ll start off this season with a short piece on our ideas about what might happen this year. That will be followed by periodic updates – the devil in the detail will be that term “periodic”, it’s intentionally vague!

You may notice that the format of the blog has changed. An upgrade that our hosting supplier forced us to broke the previous format and so, regretfully, we had to bid farewell to the ‘Ever After’ theme we pinched from David Oare’s Wanderlust blog. Hopefully, the new format works for you but feel free to let us know if something isn’t working to your satisfaction and I’ll attempt to improve it.

Finally, of course, if you aren’t really interested any more, just hit the ‘Unsubscribe’ option in the notification email and we’ll get out of your way.

Ian & Lisette

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