I’m in Love

Looking for Romance

A good looking girl like me gets around, and now I’m back in Europe, I expect the guys to come flocking. Limited as I am to this rust bucket, I checked around below decks.

As soon as I went below, this clown tried to look cool and sophisticated – really! A clown – what was he thinking? I might have had a reputation for being easy to approach, but I would never associate with fool with a big red nose – a girl has some standards!

Not a clown
The albino pig with the fancy tattoos, nearby, made some clinking sounds, but the only attraction he had for me was as a nice crispy tender Schweinshaxe.

Clinky Pig

The I saw him – tall, handsome, suavely-dressed, clearly Bavarian – and, well, I blush to tell you, enormously well endowed! His name is Helmut – such a strong name.


I turned on my charm, and of course, he melted. It turns out his grandfather came from a town in Tuscany – Collodi. Soooo exotic!


His Gramps was very famous; was so well known that books were written about him; and even a movie was made of his boyhood exploits. Helmut says his name was Pinocchio. Although he was a huge child star, as an adult, fame and fortune abated. Eventually he married a fräulein from Dinkelsbuhl in Bavaria.


They settled down in this lovely old walled town, and raised their family. Apparently there is some family secret that has been passed through the family, something rather delicate, but Helmut would not elaborate, but no matter.


I’m already in love! Well – what this boy could do with his endowment, makes a girl shiver with anticipation …


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  1. So happy to see that you’re luck has turned around Helga and you have found someone to by happy with 🙂

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