Well, that turned out to be easy – the posting worked first time.

So, it seems only fair, now that we propose to begin posting again, to remind you of how to ‘opt out’ – and feel perfectly free to do so. While our interest in barging has increased, yours may well have waned!

Opt Out

At the bottom of each email announcing a new posting (like this one), just underneath the ‘Comment’ button is an Unsubscribe link.

If you click on that, you will be taken to a web page entitled ‘Delete Your Subscription’, and under the section ‘Yes, I want to delete my subscription’ is a button ‘Confirm Deletion’ that will do the deed.

We reply to your Comments

But you might not know it!

Just a note from our experience last year. If you are kind enough to make a comment, we will almost always respond – but you won’t automatically see the reply. When you post a comment, just underneath the ‘Post Comment’ button is a little check box ‘Notify me of follow-up comments by email‘.

Check that one, and you will get an email containing any reply we make.

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